Even before I was a teenager I knew that I was interested in marketing. I have always been intrigued by the messaging in commercials and advertisements. It was normal for me to spend a summer afternoon playing basketball and wonder why did we choose a Spaulding basketball or what did your brand of sneakers say about you. It was all interesting to me.

As a teenager, I remember being fascinated by a documentary on the “Mad Men” of Madison Avenue. It was then that I knew marketing would be my career path. I even remember working on my first marketing plan.  I was working with my grandfather who was in the record store business for over 25 years.  One day I overheard him saying that a record label exec was looking for ideas to push the new Gerald Levert album in record stores. I went home that night and worked on an in-store campaign to present to my grandfather. We never ended up using my campaign, but my Grandfather did say that I did a good job (I’m not sure if that was just an encouraging Grandfather response or not). Either way, it was a great experience to be able to present ideas for a major music artist. I actually still have my notes from back then.

Fast forward and I have worked on countless marketing plans, held multiple marketing positions, and I’m still learning and perfecting my craft. If you can believe that the right messaging can help improve lives, then you can understand a piece of my purpose in utilizing my craft to help spread those messages.

If you have any questions or ideas that you would like to share, please feel comfortable sending me a message. 


The Process

  1. Clearly Identify Your Goals
    • Questionnaire
    • Review Session
  2. Reverse-Engineer Actionable Steps
    • Research into your business/organization
    • Identify the tools and services needed
    • Finalize the outline of a plan
  3. Present The Marketing Plan
    • Actionable steps (Where we start)
    • Schedule of events
    • Terms and conditions
    • Schedule of payment


Marketing Services

Website Development

Interested in a new website, but not sure where to begin?

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Marketing Strategy

Would an upgrade to your internal processes improve your organization?

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Announcement Campaign

Could your organization benefit from an effective campaign to push its message?

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