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What Is An Announcement Campaign?

An announcement campaign is a short-term marketing push surrounding goal-centered messaging. Messaging can vary from the announcement of a new organization, promotion for an upcoming event, or the start of a new program or project. The messaging is totally up to you, our job is to effectively deliver the message to your desired audience.

  • Within a year, how often does your organization have something to announce?
  • How beneficial would it be to have a dynamic campaign backing each announcement?
  • How would learning key takeaways from the analytics of a campaign benefit your organization?
  • Imagine how far your organization will grow from learning the best practices taken from each campaign?

Announcement campaigns will vary based on your goals, but our objective remains the same – To create the bridge between your message and your audience while collecting key data points to maximize goal-driven results.



Let us create the announcement campaigns that will guide your organization to its goals.