This is a win for small businesses and brands.  That was my first thought after reading the latest announcement from Facebook on limiting exposure on promoted posts from publishers and brands, and making posts from family and friends more visible in newsfeeds.  My second thought was that “marketers ruin everything”, which is a quote from famed marketer Gary Vaynerchuck.  I will go into that another time.

The reason that I believe this is a win for small businesses is because, in my opinion,  small businesses have the greatest opportunity to influence genuine word of mouth engagement.  None of your friends are going to call you up and tell you how great their cheeseburger was from McDonald’s last night.  But they may mention how awesome that burger was from the new diner that just opened up last week.  With a little bit of strategy, that diner can encourage those types of engagements on Facebook and it will have a bigger impact than seeing the latest ad from McDonald’s.

Small businesses have to remember not to fall into the trap of just following big brand marketers.  You don’t have to jack your message down the throats of your customers.  You have personal interactions with your customers, use these unique opportunities to build further and then encourage the sharing of the engagement.  Sometimes you don’t even have to encourage it, it can also happen organically. The key is to create experiences with your customers that will allow for a story worth sharing.

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