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Marketing Strategy
What do you think of when you think of marketing strategy…

…Do you think of strategic planning?
…Do you think of advertising a product or service?
…Do you think of big-budget¬†meetings?
…Do you think of celebrity endorsements?

Did you know that your marketing strategy also includes your internal processes “also known as” the system of how your organization communicates internally and externally?

How do you communicate with your members?
Are meeting agendas accessible on the website, emailed prior to meetings, or introduced physically at meetings?
Does your website accept one-time donations or does it allow for automatic recurring donations?

The strategic planning of your marketing message, along with these examples of internal processes are all a part of your marketing strategy.

  • What systems and processes does your organization currently have in place?
  • How impactful would it be to have those systems and processes improved upon?
  • How effective are your internal processes in supporting and pushing your marketing message?
  • What does growth look like when these systems are directly aligned?

We will dive into your current systems and establish effective strategies to become more efficient through the use of cutting-edge technology and development.


Let us create the marketing strategy that will guide your organization to its goals.