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Website Development
What are you missing out on by not having the website that your organization desperately needs?
How impactful would a new website be to your organization?

Our experience in website development has given us the tools to deliver a website that not only will match your organization’s goals, but also wow your visitors at every click.

We utilize the most popular platform for website development with WordPress. It’s ease of use, along with a plethora of customization options makes WordPress an easy choice for us and our clients. Our websites are designed with a modern flare and developed with ease of functionality that mirrors your organization’s goals.

Website Development Case Study
Client – Kyemah McIntyre (Mind of Kye)
Goal – Create a website that highlighted Kyemah’s talents and accomplishments, along with selling her clothing and artwork on the website.

The Solution
Kye expressed that she wanted a website that mirrored who she is as a person and artist. She wanted to include all of her talents on the website, but she wanted the focus to be on her as a fashion designer. Kye went viral a few years ago after designing her own prom dress. This was a major accomplishment and time for Kye, but with all of the publicity surrounding the prom dress, many people didn’t know that she continued designing and even had her own fashion line. She wanted visitors to know that there was more than just the prom dress, so we created a gallery of images on the homepage that told the story of Kye’s evolution as a fashion designer.  

Next, the task was to make Kye’s products shoppable on the new website. Kye had already been working with Etsy and Shopify, but she wanted to bring everything together in one central location. We decided to continue to use Shopify and we integrated Shopify into her new website, so she didn’t need to lose or recreate any backend inventory data. Visitors can shop and purchase products directly from the website with all of the sales and inventory data is still stored in her Shopify account. 

Let us create the website that will guide your organization to its goals.